Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Fibre Optic Lighting for Sensory or Decorative Use

Do you like the idea of using fibre optic lighting in your home, garden or office? With its benefits for low energy consumption and long lasting life, you can't be blamed. The effects fibre optics can produce can be amazing and just as good as LED's.

Here at litetec we are willing and able to help design what you have in mind, whether it be lighting for a swimming pool, lighting up a walk-way or pavement, or indoor lighting- maybe a star ceiling kit or glass blocks lit up with colour changing fibre optics? The effects are endless...simply give Geoff Miles a ring at our new fibre optic office in Doncaster to discuss your options and budget and we can produce a long lasting and stunning fibre optic effect for you here in the UK.

(It is nice to know that production is kept to the UK!)

In the meantime, why not browse our website for some fresh and innovative ideas including;

Our Fiesta Fibre Optic Table (that can also be wall hung)

Watch a video of our Sparkle Harness changing colour online here;

Or browse our range of lightsources, including a new small LED lightsource and several different wheels (not just colour, but waterfall and sparkle!)

Alternatively, please request a copy of our catalogue by emailing us at

01302 338210

Geoff Miles- Fibre Optic Manager at litetec's Fibre Optic Division.

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