Monday, 14 July 2008

UK Manufacturer of fibre optics

litetec ltd, having succesfully built relations with several multi-sensory companies, we are looking to further expand our fibre optic manufacturing capabilities. We can produce fibre optics for both scientific (light guides etc) and domestic use (sparkle fibre optic harnesses, star ceiling kits etc). All manner of fibre optics are created onsite at our facility in Doncaster.

For the sensory market, we have listened to what our customers and the market in general requires and have taken action accordingly; for example, a charitable organisation suggested that the motors on lightsources should have a slower rpm (revolution per minute) so we now have ones with 0.85 rpm. Our sparkle fibre optic harness is popular item, we now use sparkle fibre with more nicks to create more sparkle and with the harness finished, ground and polished at our fibre optic manufacturing facility, we have the brightest fibre around.

litetec would like to offer our manufacturing services to existing sensory companies at wholesale prices, custom made to your requirements. litetec can produce cost effective fibre optics to incorporate into your sensory room designs. Please contact us on 01702 540187 to discuss your needs and budget. We welcome call off orders. If you would like to make an appointment to view our manufacturing facility in Doncaster, please contact us or we have a dark showroom at out head office in Essex, that you can book to view.

litetec are working with a charitable organisation to develop some new innovative products for the sensory market- if you would like further information on these once they have been manufactured, please contact litetec on 01702 540187 or to be added to our mailing list.

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