Thursday, 18 September 2008

New LED Lightsources from litetec ltd

litetec would like to announce the new range of LED light sources.

Among this range, includes, our compact LED light source which is one of the smallest versions around. This source comes with only white light and is ideal for art galleries or projects that might require fibre optic lighting ( fibre optics don't damage precious artifacts, artistic work or objects in museum cabinets.)

We also have two new twin port light sources. These sources haven't been seen before on the market, and enable a vast array of options. Having two ports therefore means that you can mix n match fibres to create your own kit. We have two new fibres in stock- side glow fibre and sparkle fibre which you can mix up and have one port with side glow and one with sparkle fibre or we also offer end lit fibre and glass fibre optic harnesses, if you wish.

Now you may be asking what is the difference between our two twin port light sources? Well one is equipped with a glass colour wheel and the other with a chip control. Both are colour change, and also allow one colour option and two tone colour- where one port is on a different colour to the other port. These light source are also very ideal for sensory rooms, as you now only need to buy one light source, and you can have two different harnesses! conclusion, the options are endless (and a little please call us on 01702 540187 if you would like to discuss your needs and we can work together to find a suitable solution).

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