Friday, 24 October 2008

Fibre Optic Chandeliers all the rage!

Litetec announce new range of fibre optic chandeliers, designed and produced here in the UK. The prototype bases have been launched in various formations including circular, square, linear and starburst.

After much thought, litetec decided to create bases at 30cm square, small enough to fit most spaces, including sensory rooms, and also much more affordable. If a large space requires a chandelier, grouping 4 or more together is an ideal option.

Each base incorporates 200 pcs of sparkle fibre, the longest drop is up to you. Tiered chandeliers are also an option- enabling you to have a staggered effect, this look particular amazing with the circular base- creating a spiral effect.

The fibre can be finished off with crystal end fittings which can be viewed here. Alternatively, we can heat seal the ends in our factory in doncaster before shipping the finished product off to you.

Assembly is kept to a minimum (you'll be glad to hear!) with simply the fixing of the plate to your ceiling and gluing of the fibre in place. Once the chandelier is up and running, you can decide if you want to chop the fibre and create different shapes (although be careful-once its gone, its gone!)

Prices and images are to be announced soon, so please join our blog here for updates.
01702 540187 (Essex branch)
01302 338210 (Doncaster branch)

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