Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Litetec ltd provide fibre optic floodlighting for Penryn Town Hall

litetec ltd provided the lighting for Penryn Town Hall

The News Article on this is as below;

Town hall bathed in floodlighting

The wishes of a former Penryn resident were fulfilled on Friday (January 25) when Penryn's town hall was bathed in floodlighting.

The late Thomas Moore, who was an active member of the Penryn Fair Committee before his death 18 months ago, left a request in his will for the town hall to be floodlit at night, accompanied by money to carry out his wish.

Friday saw the completion of that request, at the official switch-on of the floodlights.
Mary Mary, Penryn's mayor, said: "We're very thankful to Tom. It's in the centre of the town, so it's very eye-catching now, when you come down at night time. We're delighted that at last they're on - it's taken us a while to get the project completed. We're really pleased - it's what Tom would have liked."

On the evening of the grand switch-on the lights were set to green, in celebration of the occasion. Over the course of this week there will be a display of all the colour options available, before the lights change to their more permanent colour of white. It is likely that the coloured lights will return on special occasions, such as at Christmas.

The switch-on evening coincided with Burns Nights. In recognition of the occasion, piper Tony Crawley entertained guests on the bagpipes.

Reflecting the coloured lights of the town hall, fireworks then illuminated the night sky, including some donated by town councillor Gill Grant and £200 worth donated by City Electrical.

Please contact Geoff Miles at litetec on 01302 338210 if you require a similiar effect.

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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

endoscopes for cavity wall inspection etc- new video endoscope

New Video Endoscope from litetec ltd

litetec have been specialising in quality, low cost endoscopes for industrial use for over 10 years now.

Along with our popular rigid endoscope (the portascope) and our flexible endoscope range (portascope flexi plus) we have just launched the new video endoscope. This borescope is priced at only £1,650.00 (exc vat) and is our most high tech model yet. With 300,000 pixel colour system its of very high quality, complete with LCD screen and adjustable LED lighting system.

Please go to view all the particulars for this model.

If you are looking for a more cost effective method of inspection, our rigid endoscope kit is only £499.00 and our flexible endoscopes start from £561.00.

Please go to to view al our scopes and purchase online. Alternatively, you may place an order or gather further information by contacting us on 01702 540187.

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