Our Circular Fibre Optic Carpet features sparkling fibres that change colour through red, green, blue, and yellow when connected to our high tech 50W Tungeston Halogen Fibre Optic Light Source.

Additional Benefits

1)   Our Light Source can be left to change through red, green, blue and yellow, or stopped static on a colour, just by the flick of a switch on the back of the light source!

2)   The fibre optics are sewn into each mat by hand then its sealed with a hessian backing, a fibre optic cable is connected to our light source powering the colour change effect. We provide polymer, not glass fibres and as such the fibres are completely safe and child friendly. You can walk on the mat in complete comfort- you will not feel the fibres on your feet, it feels just like normal soft carpet.

3)   Our Light Source has been specifically designed for use with our polymer fibre optics, having a dichoric heat removal filter. This coupled with a very efficient fan and dichoric colour wheel means the fibre optics will never get hot and start to melt (as can occur with some low tech light sources, which were designed for use with glass fibre optics).

4)   Our Light Sources have CE Certification.









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Kit Includes:

  • Circular Fibre Optic Carpet
  • 50W Colour Change Tungstan Halogen Light source
  • Push In Ferrule Connector
  • Child Friendly design


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