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Our Fibre Optic Harness can be used in a wide range of decorative applications. We can provide custom harnesses for your exact requirements. Our harnesses come complete with state of the art controllers- from small and compact halogen 50W light sources to 150W high powered Sources.

Harnesses are available in two types;

  1. Fibre for side glowing applicatons i.e fibre that lights along its length (side glowing).
  2. Fibre for end lit applications i.e points of light.

1) Side Glow Fibre Optic Harnesses for fibres that light along the length

Sideglow Fibre Optic Harness

  • 175 strands of 0.75mm diameter polymer fibre- 2metres long.
  • Harness comes complete with 50W Colour Change Light source.
  • Screw in ferrule, for push in harness.


All prices exclude vat/carriage. These will be added to the shopping cart before payment. Alternatively, call 01702 540187 to place an order via credit card or cheque.

2) Fibre for end lit applications~ used where points of light or directional light is required. There are many different types of end fittings (please see our end fittings page here), and many forms of covering (e.g black pvc etc) and fibre (glass, polymer, 64 strand).

We can help you design the correct harness for your application, simply send us a drawing of your project and we can provide advice on what type of harness would suit. Contact us here

end lit fibre optic

Example Project: Lighting a Sculpture with our End lit Fibre Optic Harness.

brief for sculpture

end lit fibre sculpture

Picture 1: Sculpture.


sculpture with endlit fibre optics

Picture 2: In place.

For more information on our harnesses please contact us on 01702 540187 or contact us here

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