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May 2009- New Low Cost Small Diameter Endoscope/Borescope Released!

We have designed and manufactured a new rigid endoscope ideal for the cavity wall inspection industries, at only 9.6mm in diameter at the tip. This scope is predicted to be a bestseller and we have already recieved a high volume of pre-orders.

The scope was released for sale (fulfilling pre-orders) on 9th May 2009 and is now ready for general sale and marketing.

Our website has been updated with details of this new scope, here;

It is a replacement to our old 'Portascope' Kit. The new scope is named the 'Portascope MK2' (MARK TWO).

If you would like more information on this new borescope, please contact Vanessa on 01702 540187 or email us on

April 2009

Happy Easter!

Litetec sucessfully secure a press release in QA Education magazine, the essential guide to purchasing services and products for schools and sensory establishments.

To view the press release and advert please click here.

January/Feburary 2009- Our Endoscopes are recommended in RICS books 'Remedying Damp' by Ralph Burkinshaw.

Ralph a chartered building surveyor with 30 years’ experience in the property and construction industry. A practising surveyor and building contractor.

Topics covered include:

- flood remediation,
- basement waterproofing,
- plumbing problems,
- wall base damp-proofing,
- rot and woodworm,
- mould and ventilation, and
- monitoring moisture condition.

He recomends both our rigid and flexible endoscope kits for cavity wall inspection.

The book is for sale through RICS books, from 26th January 2009 priced at £49.95.

January 2009- New Fibre Optic Chandelier Range Now Ready to buy online!

Litetec have developed a new range of fibre optic chandeliers, designed and manufactured at our litetec office in Doncaster (manufacturing base). They are ready to view in our showroom in Essex, amoung various other fibre optic products. If you cannot get to the showroom, we have uploaded a video of the chandelier changing colour and some static images of the fibre used, showing its unusual sparkle effect. All chandeliers come with 50W colour change lightsource, and crystal end fittings. The range comes with bases in circular, square, linear and starburst formation and most chandeliers are designed to stagger, as seen on the website. A 1.5m longest drop chandelier with end fittings, base and lightsource, made ready to hang is priced at only £1,250.00 excluding vat.

Please click here to view our chandelier page. We also welcome trade enquiries- please email here.


November 2008- Cern Gridfest globe project completed.

"Thanks for all your help in selecting the fibre optic solution for our

'Grid Globe' project.  Here are some photographs showing the final work

- a 1m aluminum globe with embedded fibre optics showing the places

around the world participating the Grid project here at CERN.

The fibre optic lighting worked perfectly, and was commented on by

many of the participants at the launch."

James Casey, Cern

cern project

October 2008- New Range of Fibre Optic Chandeliers!

The prototypes have now been completed of our new fibre optic chandeliers and pictures will be online very soon! In the meantime, images of the chandelier bases have been loaded up- these can be viewed on our chandelier page here

They are small chandelier bases- 30cm square, enabling us to offer competitive prices and a size that will fit most small areas, including sensory rooms. The pattern formations are circular, square, linear and starburst. The kit is supplied with sparkle fibre, and can either be heat sealed at the ends (in our factory in doncaster) or you can purchase crystal end fittings for a nice finish.

Once the chandelier is in place on the ceiling, you can cut the fibre yourself to create different chandeliers. Please view the below pictures of our larger range for ideas on how you could trim the fibre into various shapes, such as triangular.

Please join our blog here if you would like updates on when the kits prices are to be announced.

August 2008- New Lightsources

We have a new range of LED lightsources. These are twin port sources, enabling the user to attach two harnesses to one lightsource without loosing any light. These sources come with either a glass wheel controlling the colour change or a LED chip control.

We also have a new compact LED lightsouce, with white light, ideal for small spaces.

To view the new souces please click here

July 2008- Fibre Optic Chandeliers

litetec ltd would like to introduce you to our fibre optic chandelier range, at

From only £1,350.00 we can create a complete fibre optic chandelier with lightsource and crystal end fittings. We can also create chandeliers to suit a budget or particular area. The chandelier can be left on a colour or set to colour change, creating the most beautiful effect for a bar/club or focal point.

Please call us to discuss options on 01302 338210 or


Sensory Products to the Trade

Our sensory products are now offered with trade prices, wholesale to sensory companies, playground manufacturers and those working with schools or facilities for disabled children. We can offer very competitive pricing, for our items including our sparkle sensory harness, star ceiling kits, fiesta fibre optic panels and rope lights.

We are also working with a chariable organisation to develop new and innovative products for the sensory market, which we will offer wholesale. If you would like details of these once they are developed, please contact us on

May 2008- New Sensory website

With the recent expansion of our company to include a new fibre optic manufacturing base in Doncaster, we are proud to announce the added benefit of our sister website

This website enables us to pinpoint the sensory market and produce fibre optics for sensory rooms and those with autistic or developmental needs. As such we have several new products that have not been seen on the market before; namely, our fiesta fibre optic wall panel, produced and designed by us using over 3,000 fibre optics. The product comes with wall mountable brackets and colour change lightsource, ready to plug and play.

We also have designed several 'sensory kits' for the website, including star ceiling kits, wall washes, sparkle fibre optic harnesses and rope light kits. All prices are extremely competitive and we will do our best to meet individual/company budgets and provide suggestions for doing so.

Please visit our site for further information;

August 2007- New manufacturing base for fibre optics opens!

litetec ltd announce the opening of a new fibre optic manufacturing base in the UK (Doncaster). This base is soley for our fibre optics, both scientific, industrial and domestic. With state of the art equipment and staff with considerable experience we can confidently produce fibre optics to meet your needs.

Geoff Miles is appointed as the general manager of the fibre optic division and is responsible for overseeing all manufacturing conducted at this base. He is the first point of contact for custom quotations for lightguides, light pipes, fibre optic harnesses and custom lighting projects.

Tina Needham is appointed as assembly technician. She joins litetec after many years experience at Schotts fibre optics, bringing her expertise in fibre optic assembly and design to litetec ltd.

If you would like information on our new base or have any technical/design needs please contact us on;

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