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                          flexible endoscope


Kits Available in:

  • 8mm Diameter, 1m Cable Length


  • 8mm Diameter 3m Cable Length


  • 5mm Diameter, 1m Cable Length


All prices exclude Vat/Carriage. These will be added in the shopping cart.


Side View Adapter for viewing at 90°

  • For 5mm Diameter


  • For 8mm Diameter


Mains Light Source with Fibre Optic Light Guide


CCD Camera with USB Capture Devicecamera


Universal Camera Adaptercamera adapter


Please Note: When Purchasing a Camera Adapter, you will need to view this document to distinguish between which of the two adapters you will need for your digital camera; LTDA-01 or LTDA02;-

Digital Camera Adapters



Portascope Flexi Plus allows the customer to choose between varying cable lengths and add on optional extras, including side view adapter and a CCD Camera with USB Capture Device.

Portascope Flexi Plus utilises an annular ring light sources to give a brighter more even illumination.



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Portascope Flexi Plus

Rigid Portascope

Video Endoscope

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Ideal for inspections of;

  • Building Surveyors and the Wall Tie Industry
Inspecting Cavity Walls, under floors, ceiling spaces, locating pipes/leaks.
  • Boat/Yacht Inspection
Inside turbines, engines etc.
  • Pest Control
Locating infestations.
  • Aviation Industry
Inspection of aircraft, inside turbines, small bore tubes etc
  • Motor Vehicle
Inspection of bus, car, motorbike engine etc.
  • Asset Management
Surveyors inspection of property.
  • Biological Studies
Inspecting inside trees, nesting boxes etc.
  • Environmental Health Checks
Food preperation areas, behind appliances etc.
  • Industrial Manufacturing
Analysis in pipes, tubes, pharmaceutical, food processing plants.
  • Security
Checking VIN numbers on vechicles, evaluating suspicious packages etc.
  • Civil Engineers
Bridge/sea wall integrity investigations.
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