flourescent fibre optics for weaving uv fibre
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flourescent fibre

This is a very interesting fibre optic because it works in the opposite way to conventional fibres, which transmit light from one end to the other. Fluorescent Fibre, instead, collects light along its entire length and transmits this light to the ends. You will need UV Light in order to make the fibre glow.

  • New! Fibre Sample Pack- Contains sample sizes of Red, Green and Blue Fluorescent Fibre.

Only £9.99!


10 Metres Flourescent Fibre- £50.00



25 Metres Flourescent Fibre-£95.00


50 Metres Flourescent Fibre-£145.00


100 Metres Flourescent Fibre-£280.00


Its many applications include;

  • Detection Systems
  • Sighting Systems
  • Transmission of light (including UV to inaccessible areas)
  • Decorative or Artistic Projects
  • Nightclubs under UV light

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