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Hydroscopes are large scale endoscopes which can be used for viewing underwater (up to the eyepiece) to view, for example, down manholes, drains, under floors, under boats, docks etc.

They are robust and can be used to push up ceiling tiles in suspended ceilings. Used worldwide by customs and police officers. If illumination is required, it can be achieved by the simple addition of a waterproof torch.

Model 1:

  • Unique eyepiece rotation which enables both direct and 90 viewing
  • 35mm diameter x total length (two part assembly) 197cm
  • Field of view: 30 (25 underwater)
  • Magnification: 1x at 50cm (1.33x underwater)
  • Direct view: Inverted image
  • 90 :Upright mirror image


Model 2:

  • Largest of the models complete with carry bag
  • 55mm diameter x 220cm length (two part assembly)
  • Field of view: 26 (20 underwater)
  • Direct viewing: Inverted image
  • 90 viewing: Upright mirror image