Monday, 28 September 2009

Jelly Fibre ideal Sensory Product for Sensory Rooms

New Sensory Products for Sensory Rooms

Litetec have a range of new lighting effects for sensory rooms. These new sensory products are manufactured in the UK, resulting in quick delivieries and great value.

Exclusive Jelly Fibre Harnesses are predicted to be a bestseller for the special needs industry due to its extreme flexibility and intense colours. The solid side light fibre is safe to handle and contains no electricity or heat.
The sensory fibre is powered by a wireless remote control, enabling the user to select on/off and pause on colour or colour rotation features.
This new sensory product is a pinch, starting at only £ 158.13 for 25 strands of fibre at 1m length. Lightsource purchased seperately. Many different sensory packages are available to purchase online; please click here;

Other new sensory products include our fiesta box and star boxes- just launched!

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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Merry Christmas from litetec ltd!

Litetec Ltd would like to wish all their customers a very Happy Christmas and Best wishes for 2009!

Our new range of fibre optic chandeliers will be launched in the New Year! Designed and manufactured by us in Doncaster, they are set to be a big hit from bar refits to hotel lobbys and sensory rooms.

To view our current range please go to

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Thursday, 18 September 2008

New LED Lightsources from litetec ltd

litetec would like to announce the new range of LED light sources.

Among this range, includes, our compact LED light source which is one of the smallest versions around. This source comes with only white light and is ideal for art galleries or projects that might require fibre optic lighting ( fibre optics don't damage precious artifacts, artistic work or objects in museum cabinets.)

We also have two new twin port light sources. These sources haven't been seen before on the market, and enable a vast array of options. Having two ports therefore means that you can mix n match fibres to create your own kit. We have two new fibres in stock- side glow fibre and sparkle fibre which you can mix up and have one port with side glow and one with sparkle fibre or we also offer end lit fibre and glass fibre optic harnesses, if you wish.

Now you may be asking what is the difference between our two twin port light sources? Well one is equipped with a glass colour wheel and the other with a chip control. Both are colour change, and also allow one colour option and two tone colour- where one port is on a different colour to the other port. These light source are also very ideal for sensory rooms, as you now only need to buy one light source, and you can have two different harnesses! conclusion, the options are endless (and a little please call us on 01702 540187 if you would like to discuss your needs and we can work together to find a suitable solution).

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Thursday, 14 August 2008

New products for sensory market- Trade prices available

New Brighter, Better products for the sensory market;

litetec ltd are pleased to announce the completion of several new and improved products available at trade prices to the sensory market.
- New brighter sparkle sensory harness

- Bubble tubes

- Side glow fibre optic harness

- Fiesta panels - with or without frame

- Twin port lightsources

- Very small compact LED lightsource

Please enquire on for trade price list. We are working together with a charitiable organisations to develop new innovative products, please subscribe to our feed for further information or request from us directly.

Tel: 01702 540187 (Essex office) or 01302 338210 (Doncaster office)

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Monday, 14 July 2008

UK Manufacturer of fibre optics

litetec ltd, having succesfully built relations with several multi-sensory companies, we are looking to further expand our fibre optic manufacturing capabilities. We can produce fibre optics for both scientific (light guides etc) and domestic use (sparkle fibre optic harnesses, star ceiling kits etc). All manner of fibre optics are created onsite at our facility in Doncaster.

For the sensory market, we have listened to what our customers and the market in general requires and have taken action accordingly; for example, a charitable organisation suggested that the motors on lightsources should have a slower rpm (revolution per minute) so we now have ones with 0.85 rpm. Our sparkle fibre optic harness is popular item, we now use sparkle fibre with more nicks to create more sparkle and with the harness finished, ground and polished at our fibre optic manufacturing facility, we have the brightest fibre around.

litetec would like to offer our manufacturing services to existing sensory companies at wholesale prices, custom made to your requirements. litetec can produce cost effective fibre optics to incorporate into your sensory room designs. Please contact us on 01702 540187 to discuss your needs and budget. We welcome call off orders. If you would like to make an appointment to view our manufacturing facility in Doncaster, please contact us or we have a dark showroom at out head office in Essex, that you can book to view.

litetec are working with a charitable organisation to develop some new innovative products for the sensory market- if you would like further information on these once they have been manufactured, please contact litetec on 01702 540187 or to be added to our mailing list.

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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Sensory website launched!

litetec ltd having been established for over 25 years and built a strong knowledge of fibre optics, we have launched a new website specifically for our sensory products.

From star ceiling kits to fibre optic carpet we have a broad range of products suited to individuals with a sensory impairment or to kit out a sensory room.

Please view our website to purchase items online or email us on with your ideas or what you would like to achieve and our fibre optic manufacturing division will get back to you within 24 hours.
Please contact us on
litetec ltd
Fibre Optic Division
Unit 5, Hutton Buisiness Park
Hangthwaite Road
Off Bentley Moor Lane
Tel: 01302 338210

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