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Creating a diverse and magnificant array of special lighting effects, their applications are endless.

From clubs, bars, hotels and restaurants to salons, walkways, shops and swimming pools.

What are the benefits of LED's?

  • Low power consumption
  • Long Life (up to 100,000 hours!)
  • Low Heat Emissions
  • Virtually Unbreakable
  • Safe and Easy to install

If you would like further information on our LED's or if you have a custom requirement for lighting effects, please contact us here.



swimming pool lights

Aqua Tubes

The colourful Aqua Tubes create eyecatching effects for swimming pools, ponds, jacuzzis, fountains, aquariums, parks and gardens.

It can be submersed up to 3ft in water and programmed through a DMX Controller 711; allowing multi colour, static fading or chasing effects. Up to 25pcs can be controlled with one controller.

path lights

LED Path Light

Illuminates any driveway, walkway, building perimenter or steps. Controlled and powered by a DMX Controller 711; a programmable microprocessor system allowing static lighting of any colour or 24bit full colour changing effects such as seven colour fading, chasing and strobe lighting. Up to 25pcs can be controlled with one controller.

tube lights

The Rainbow Tube

The Rainbow Tube allows you to create dramatic effects both indoor and outdoor. At programmable speeds the tubes perform an array of multi colour changing, chasing,and strobe lighting effects.

Static lighting is also an option. Controlled and powered by DMX controller 911/ ,allowing up to 1,000 tubes to be connected to one another, eliminating unslightly wires.Creates wonderful effects for bars, nightclubs, restaurants, subways, salons, hotels, shops and many more.

pane lights


LED Multi Colour Panes

Simple and easy to install to any indoor wall or ceiling, with slim thickness measuring 30 x 30cm. Controlled and powered by DMX controller 711 enabling dramatic multi colour changes through red, green, yellow, blue, purple, white and cyan.

Can also be programmed for chasing and strobe lighting effects, or left static, creating a diverse range of effects at the flick of a switch. Up to 50pcs can be controlled with one controller! Suitable for bars, clubs, restaurants, shopping centres, hairdressers, and many more.

tile led's


LED Tiles:

Creates superb modern lighting effects incorporated into hard wearing tiles. Requiring virtually no maintance, being sealed for dust and water proofing. Up to 50 tiles can be controlled with one DMX controller 711, enabling an array of memorable programming such as multi colour flashing, strobe or chasing.

The effects can be programmed at the flick of a switch to static, fast or slow permitting a range of ambience. Applications include public areas, restaurants, nightclubs, walkways, doorways, path ways, driveways, gardens. Can also be used internally in kitchens and hallways.

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