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Flexible Liquid Light Guides

Series 300- For Transmission of ultraviolet and visible light.


  • High intensity white light for endoscope illumination
  • Rapid and controlled UV curing of adhesives
  • UV flaw detection using dye penetrants
  • 'Bending' blue laser light for forensic and other scientific applications
  • Intense 'cold' light for microscopy and photography
  • More efficient than glass fibre optics for transmission in visible range
  • More efficient than quartz fibres for transmission in Blue and UVA range
  • Totally uniform illumination across active diameter giving higher input and output and lower losses at interfaces
  • No danger of individual fibre breakages

Liquid light guides comprise of a light conducting liquid core within a plastic tubing which serves as an optical insulation. The liquid is non toxic and transparent from 250 to 750nm. The ends of the light guide are sealed with high quality quartz glass and a metal spiral tubing cladded by a plastic sleeve which serves as the outer mechanical protection.

liquid light guides

liquid light guides

liquid light guides


liquid light guides graph

Standard Sizes:

Core Diameter: (mm) : 3,5 and 8

lengths: (mm): 500, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2500, 3000

Other lengths and diameters can be supplied- liquid light guides have been produced in lengths of up to 10 metres and in diameters down to 2mm and up to 20mm. Twin branch versions are also available.

Different end fittings and outer coverings can also be supplied to suit individual applications. Liquid light guides can be adopted to use with most standard light sources without infrared heat filter provided there is adequate cooling. The temperature at the thickest part of the end piece should not exceed 60°C (see point T Max on dimensional data diagram above).