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Projectors- Extra Wheels

Here you can take note of the item code and go back to the projector page here and add another wheel effect to your shopping cart.



Item Code Plastic Wheels (coloured) All £32.00 each
The below wheels are beautiful when coupled with a 4 facet prism. This is included in our 'Dancing Butterflies' Package (PJ-03.)


Bubble Wheel


Blossom Wheel  
PJ-PW-03 Leaf Wheel  


Galaxy (Stars) Wheel


Papillion (butterflies) Wheel  
PJ-PW-06 Snow Crystals Wheel  
PJ-PW-07 Spores (seeds) Wheel  
PJ-PW-08 Light Snow Wheel  
PJ-PW-09 Medium Snow Wheel  
PJ-PW-10 Heavy Snow Wheel  









Item Code Plastic Wheels (coloured)  
The below wheels are ideal in addition to our 'Underwater Projector' Package (PJ-02)
PJ-PW-11 Avalon Dawn  
PJ-PW-12 Aviations  
PJ-PW-13 Balloons  
PJ-PW-14 Butterflies  
PJ-PW-15 Cave  
PJ-PW-16 Chaos  
PJ-PW-17 Circuit  
PJ-PW-18 Cloud  
PJ-PW-19 Cog  
PJ-PW-20 Comic Violence  
PJ-PW-21 Deep  
PJ-PW-22 Devil  
PJ-PW-23 Earthquake  
PJ-PW-24 Eastern Horizons  
PJ-PW-25 Fire  
PJ-PW-26 Firework  
PJ-PW-27 Flags  
PJ-PW-28 Floral  
PJ-PW-29 Ghost  
PJ-PW30 Gifts  
PJ-PW-31 Graffiti  
PJ-PW-32 Inner Space  
PJ-PW-33 In the Country  
PJ-PW-34 Jigsaw  
PJ-PW-35 Maya  
PJ-PW-36 Maze  
PJ-PW-37 Munchies  
PJ-PW-38 Organic  
PJ-PW-39 Prehistoric  
PJ-PW-40 Quest  
PJ-PW-41 Safari  
PJ-PW-42 Seasonal Glass  
PJ-PW-43 Seasonal Greetings  
PJ-PW-44 Shapeland  
PJ-PW-45 Space Ritual  
PJ-PW-46 Spektraflash  
PJ-PW-47 Stained Glass  
PJ-PW-48 Thames  
PJ-PW-49 Toons  
PJ-PW-50 Tropical Birds  
PJ-PW-51 Tropical Fish  
PJ-PW-52 Truckstop  
PJ-PW-53 Utopia  
PJ-PW-54 Weather  
PJ-PW-55 Whales  
PJ-PW-56 White Clouds  
PJ-PW-57 Wildlife  
PJ-PW-58 World  
PJ-PW-59 Zodiac  
PJ-PW-60 2001  
PJ-PW-61 Dot  
PJ-PW-62 Flat Beam  
PJ-PW-63 Multi Beam  


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