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From road lighting to clothing and airport lighting, we can provide efficient and powerful lighting solutions for any application of safety or security.


Our Fibre Optic Hose-Lite is one of our most durable methods of safety lighting, designed to warn of the location of hoses, pipes, cables, road works, electrics, construction areas etc, almost anything that requires a linear high intensity warning light.

Options- length and colour:

Hose-Lite can be made to any suitable length up to 30 metres, or longer in some cases. Available in a variety of colours including white, yellow, red, blue and green.

Effectiveness- durablity, weather conditions, energy consumption:

It has a low power source and low voltage along the entire length of the illuminated tube, this results in a very long battery life. Unaffected by moist atmospheric conditions, condensation, rain, or spray. Hose-Lite will withstand flexing, bending, scraping, and dragging along the ground.

airport safety


EL Sheets:

A4 White Electrolumicient Sheets- paper thin, high brightness sheets used to illuminate virtually anything where space is minimal.


Safety lighting
EL Wire:

Various Diameters and colours available- please enquire.


Please conatact us here for prices and further information.