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sparkle fibre optic harness





Emits a wonderful bright sparkle of light along its entire length.

Comes with remote control for wireless operation!

Inside each covering there are 3 strands of 0.75mm diameter sparkle fibres- this results in more sparkle effect. Please do not confuse with companies selling similar fibre but with only 1 sparkle strand instead of our 3!

The Fibre Optic Sparkle Harness is safe for young children.

Features include:

  • We use plastic not glass fibres, which means that it is very flexible and safer for young children.
  • We incorporate 3 strands of sparkling fibre in each piece.
  • 50W lightsource enabling bright true colours.
  • Dichroic Filter wheels and Dichroic Heat Filter enables the colour to remain true over time and prevents fading or burn out.
  • All our lightsources come complete with remote control, enabling the user to switch on/off and pause on a colour or set to rotate through the colour's.


Product Code Item Description Price exc lightsource
SS-751 75 Strands each 1m length


SS-1001 100 Strands each 1m length


SS-1002 100 Strands each 2m length



SS-1501 150 Strands each 1m length



SS-1502 150 Strands each 2m length


SS-1503 150 Strands each 3m length


SS-2001 200 Strands each 1m length



SS-2002 200 Strands each 2m length


SS-2003 200 Strands each 3m length




50W Lightsource required for all above fibre optic harnesses




ALL ABOVE PRICES EXCLUDE VAT/CARRIAGE, which will be added upon checkout.

Delivery to Mainland UK is £20.00.

If you would prefer to pay via our sales centre please call 01702 540187.

custom harness

If you don't see the type of harness you would like here, or you require a custom made harness in various lengths or mixed lengths eg. a harness with 50 strands at 2m length and 50 strands at 3m length please contact us on 01302 338210 for a quote.

vat exempt

If you are vat exempt due to disability or you are purchasing this product on behalf of someone who is vat exempt/a charity please contact us for the vat exempt form that you would need to fill out and email back to us.

Alternatively, please click here for a pdf of the form, when you have filled it out please email back to or fax to 01702 541049.

If you would like more information please ring us on 01702 540187 or contact us here.

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