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Silica Fibre

Silica Fibre is used for both ultra violet and infra-red transmission. We can terminate in SMA 905's or any custom ferrules to your specification.


  • High Vacuum environment
  • High effciency bundles
  • High temperature bundles
  • High temperature sensors
  • Spectroscopy
  • Laser welding/soldering
  • Medical laser delivery systems
silica fibre litetec

silica fibre litetec

Note: Different diameters, lengths, ferrules and outer coverings i.e stainles steel, silicone rubber etc can be supplied, please fax your enquiry to 01702 541049 or email it to us on

silica fibre


      • Step Index Profile
      • Pure Silica Core
      • Numerical Aperture: 0.22 +0.02
      • Bend Radius: momentary 100 x clad radius long term 600 x clad radius
      • Polyimides high refractive index (1.78)strips cladding modes
      • Useful spectral transmisson range: from 180 to 2400nm
      • Standard prooftest: 70kps